Saturday: General Assembly, Closing Ceremony, Gala Dinner & 20th Anniversary Party of EYP Switzerland

Saturday morning already had the taste of the session going to an end, but not yet were tears shed, as still a lot of resolutions had to be discussed.

At the end of General Assembly the Media Team presented the emotional farewell video, which brought everyone to realise, that this was the last day. But the peak of the session was yet to come, literally. With a gondola the participants travelled to the mountain Crap Sogn Gion at 2000 meters above sea level to attend the Closing Ceremony with emotional speeches and a live orchestra playing the European Anthem. All the participants got to enjoy a vegan Gala Dinner, take in the breath-taking view and celebrate EYP Switzerland’s anniversary. For this occasion, an orchestra played and whoever felt up for it could demonstrate their Walz moves, that they had learnt during one of the morning sport activities. Like this, the session came to a glorious end and the participants went down to Laax again to enjoy the remaining time together and celebrate the session and its people at the farewell party.

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