Welcome to Laax 2016, the 83rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament. Be there in Laax when 300 young adults from around 40 European countries discuss late-breaking topics covering sustainability in a manifold way and additionaly celebrate their cultural diversity.  If you are not quite sure yet about what exactly you could report, you can find a few suggestions below. For suitable photos for your report, we will gladly provide you with high quality images of the session.

Proposals for your report

  • Portrait of a Swiss participant. There are about 30 young people, both organisers as well as delegates, from all over Switzerland participating – certainly also someone from your region. We are happy to provide more information about your catchment area.
  • Topic sustainability. With us you can hear the voice of youth on economic, social and ecological aspects of this much discussed topic. The ideas of this young generation are fresh and innovative. Specifically, you can look into the Committee Work and / or the General Assembly.
  • From Portugal to Finland, from Ireland to Russia. Delegations from almost 40 European countries will come to Laax. Take the opportunity to speak with young people from other cultures. Especially at the Eurovillage this diversity can be experienced, as the delegates present their country with culinary specialities and folkloric costumes. Additionally, the most musically talented participants will participate at the Euroconcert with traditional, classic or contemporary performances.
  • Adolescent engagement for society. The European Youth Parliament only exists thanks to the tireless volunteer work of many young people, who spend a big part of their leisure time for this educational project.  Join the Organising team at the Session and experience our high and low points with us.


We are being written about! Check out the articles that are about the upcoming session in Laax.

Press releases

In here you will find official press releases of the session.
Check out our media dossiers: Media Dossier (Deutsch), Media Dossier (Français)


Gioia Bomatter
Media & Communication