Welcome the President!

Franziska Maier, from Germany, is the President of Laax 2016.

The President has many functions during the session. Throughout the session, she co-ordinates the different groups of participants: the delegates, journalists, chairs and organisers. As the public face of the session, the President and board (consisting of two or three Vice-Presidents) chair the debates during the General Assembly, ensuring that the official procedures are followed.

Here’s a thought she would like to share with everyone:

“Laax 2016 will be a session full of challenging debates, well-grounded and documented learning experiences, as well as mutual trust amongst a closely knit Officials team. The core of every session is the policy-related content it produces. I wish to make a contribution to Laax 2016 by taking effective approaches at making topics understandable, and at developing policy solutions that respond to different viewpoints, are based on refinement, and subject to an active process of deliberation. Its results should provide further inspiration to the EYP community. Empowering the Chairs team to make a difference, making all participants allies in this common undertaking, and celebrating the achievements we make along the way are at the core of implementing these plans”.