Welcome the Editors!

We are thrilled to unveil the Editors of the Session: Mr. Waltter Roslin from Finland and Ms Karin-Liis Lahtmäe from Estonia!

The Editors will be leading the Media Team, which will produce visual, academic and other contents both for the Session participants and everyone else who might be interested in what is happening in Laax during the Session.

Hear out what they think about the experience that awaits them:

“How can we ensure that what we as the Media team create will be accepted by our audience? Whilst,  it is true that we have Europe’s brightest minds at our disposal, that in itself does not constitute action. Laax 2016 will be the perfect close-knit setting to enable us to enable you. We want to bring back the essence of the all-around media team that is not cooped up in the media room, but actively engaging the session’s participants. Our game plan is to cover and assist; cover the memories you’ll be making and assist in their make-up by informing, inspiring and putting our collective knowledge into practice. We are highly anticipating what and who the upcoming months will bring as we move towards Laax 2016.”