Tuesday: Commitee Work, expert talks, IOIF & Impact Workshop

Today it was all about Committee Work again. The majority of the day consisted of intense debates but again and a lot of the committees had the opportunity to talk with an expert on their topic either in person or via Skype. It was a great benefit for the delegates to interact with experts in the field and what they learnt in those talks was usually part of the later discussions.


We want to thank our experts for their time and their valuable input:


Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg  from the university RWTH Aachen; expert for AGRI

Alexander Schieffer from Trans4m; expert for DEVE

Dominik Sachs from European University Institute EUI; expert for ECON I

Caroline Gourisse from the European Savings and Retail Banks Group; expert for ECON II

Christian Kaufmann from WeAct; expert for EMPL

Jan-Phillip Beck and Sylvie Bove from EIT Health; experts for ENVI I

Giovanni Porcellana from CERN; expert for ENVI II

Jane Carter from Helvetas; expert for FEMM

Clemens Tuor from the refugee relief; expert for LIBE I

Safi Al Hafez, Syrian poet, musician and refugee; expert for LIBE I

Maria von Känel from Regenbogenfamilien; epxert for LIBE II

Anja Osterhaus from Transparency International; expert for LIBE III

Mariann Breu from WWF Switzerland; expert for PECH


But also the evening held something special in store for the participants: A lot of companies and organisations, some of which were our partners or sponsors, came to Laax to present their different ideas and projects. We called it the IOIF – Ideas, Opportunities and Impact Fair. The participants could engage with exhibitors, ask all the questions they had and see how they could get involved or simply see what people are doing for sustainability. The event was a first at an EYP session and was a great success as both exhibitors and participants enjoyed the evening.

After the IOIF there was another event co-organised with euforia, where about 30 participants gathered to discover the power of active listening and take the time to reflect their experience in EYP and beyond. This innovative event deeply moved all its participants and several described it as their most impactful moment of the session. Huge thanks goes out to euforia who contributed greatly to this special event.

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