Thursday: Activities in the region, Lobby Event & Euroconcert

The Thursday was dedicated to Laax, its surroundings and the rich culture the region has to offer. Participants signed up for hikes to the Caumasee, excursions to an organic farm, learnt how to play the Alphorn and many more.

In the afternoon everybody prepared for GA the next day, reading through the finished resolutions and making up their minds about the proposed approaches. After this, the Lobby Event took place. This is an innovative method, that has been successful at other sessions too and was received very well. Delegates were able to propose amendments to any resolution and engage in discussions to fully understand the purpose of the other resolutions. For each resolution an amendment was chosen, which will be debated tomorrow and on Saturday and voted if it should be included in the resolution.

After the Lobby Event, everyone took the PostAuto to Chur, where Euroconcert took place in the theatre. The atmosphere was great and we heard and saw great performances from Musical pieces, over Slam Poetry, to modern dance and magic tricks.

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