Thursday: CJO Training

Today, all the Officials went to a “Seilpark” for Teambuilding. In the early morning, when it was still misty and very very cold, we made our way towards Caumasee.

Everybody was brave and we climbed around the trees for 2.5 hours. Ziplining, nets, crazy obstacles, high trees, fears were overcome and everybody left the course a bit prouder of themselves. Teambuilding should always be like that!
After the Seilpark we walked to the Caumasee and discovered, that it actually is as blue as it always was on the pictures! All the Officials were invited by Sponsor and Tourism Manager of Flims Laax Falera Management AG  André Gisler to a delicious meal, which consisted of a enormous salad buffet and delicious Raclette. Thank you so much André! We had a great time. Now we are all enjoying the Spa of the Signina Hotel to relax one more time, before the first delegates arrive on Friday morning. Can’t wait!

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