Friday: Delegates arrived in Laax

On the 7th of October it was Arrivals Day in Laax! During the whole day, the Organising Team was set up at different stages like the Zürich Airport, Zürich HB, Chur and in Laax to guarantee a smooth transfer up to the mountains. At the end of the day, all delegates had arrived safely and were welcomed in cold Laax. Meanwhile the Media and the Chair’s Team were preparing for the session under the guidance of Session President Franziska Maier and Editors Karin-Liis Lahtmäe and Waltter Roslin.


Wednesday: First Arrivals Day

Today the Media Team and the Chairsteam arrived in beautiful Laax. They have been received at the Rider’s Palace, where they checked in (see picture). For the organiser this was a trial run for the arrivals of the delegates on Friday the 7th of October. Tomorrow Officials Teambuilding in the “Seilpark” up in the trees of Laax will fill our morning, before the individual teams start with training.


Organisers have arrived in Laax!

After two years of preparation, the Organising Team has finally arrived in Laax! The dream has become reality and we are now preparing everything for the arrivals of the Media and Chair’s Team tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.


Training for Responsible Young Citizenship

All the Officials of ‪#‎Lx16‬ gathered in Mariastein, Switzerland, for the Training for Responsible Young Citizenship, a first of it’s kind in EYP.

The training consisted of perfecting various aspects, including academic, media, social and organising ones of the fast-approaching session in Laax. The three teams: Chairpersons, Media Team and Organisers met to make sure the session will live up to it’s highest potential.

Credits to: Riccardo Passarella


New Organisers are selected!

13767257_818382318276991_278452145140757814_o The Laax family is finally complete.

Please welcome the latest four awesome Organisers to join the team. They will help us fill the specific roles we needed in Organisers:

  • Jakob Gutschlhofer (AT)
  • Mahaut Estier (CH)
  • Angela von Ballmoos (CH)
  • Tamta Tsveraidze (GE)

Call for Officials

After selecting the President, the Editors and some new Organiser, it is now time to finalise the Officials Team!
Read the Call Booklet, the Call and submit your application to become a Vice-President, a Chairperson, a Journalist or an Editorial Assistant of #Lx16!
You can find everything you need to apply on the new Members Platform at: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/laax-2016-83rd-international-session-european-youth-parliament
The call is open until Monday, 30th of May at Noon (CEST)


Between the 22nd and 24th of April 2016 the organisers gathered in Laax to welcome the newly selected members of the team, revise everything that has been done up to this moment and transition to the new Team Structure which will define how the team functions from now on and at the session.


Didier Burkhalter supports us!

We are very honoured to announce that Mr. Didier Burkhalter, Federal Councilor, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and President of the Swiss Confederation in 2014 during the Swiss Chairmanship of the OSCE, is one of the patrons of the Session!
Here’s a little something he wanted to share with you:
“Dear young people, I encourage you to participate in the European Youth Parliament. It will give you the opportunity to shape the world of tomorrow. You will debate, listen, work on compromises and create shared values: give life to democracy. I am glad that the EYP enables you to take your responsibility for the next generations.”

Meet the New Orgas!

We are thrilled to unveil the new orgas who are joining our team!


Please welcome:

Miriam Aitken (CH)

Anniken Knutsen (NO)

Michal Kolácek (CZ)

Aritz Labrador (ES)

Tom Wolfskämpf (DE)

Tarik Lazouni (CH)

Michaela Novotná (CZ)

Lucius Miller (CH)

Jakub Roslewski (PL)

Michelle Blatter (CH)

Matthias Masini (CH)


Welcome the Editors!

We are thrilled to unveil the Editors of the Session: Mr. Waltter Roslin from Finland and Ms Karin-Liis Lahtmäe from Estonia!

The Editors will be leading the Media Team, which will produce visual, academic and other contents both for the Session participants and everyone else who might be interested in what is happening in Laax during the Session.

Hear out what they think about the experience that awaits them:

“How can we ensure that what we as the Media team create will be accepted by our audience? Whilst,  it is true that we have Europe’s brightest minds at our disposal, that in itself does not constitute action. Laax 2016 will be the perfect close-knit setting to enable us to enable you. We want to bring back the essence of the all-around media team that is not cooped up in the media room, but actively engaging the session’s participants. Our game plan is to cover and assist; cover the memories you’ll be making and assist in their make-up by informing, inspiring and putting our collective knowledge into practice. We are highly anticipating what and who the upcoming months will bring as we move towards Laax 2016.”