Opening of General Assembly

The Board of the session will officially open the GA and the event will feature speeches by our Guests.

Morning Gym – Jogging (optional)

In order to have a fresh start in the day we are happy to be able to offer a fun sport session led by two or more Officials. These are fully optional but if you wish to participate do not forget to bring your sports gear.

 Dress Code: Casual/Sport


The breakfast takes place in the Riders Lobby and the tent connected to it. It will be done in shifts.

Contact the Organisers for the details and people in the respective shifts.


The evening of the Euroconcert will be filled with delightful performances of dance and music. Participants will demonstrate their musical or artistic talents on stage. Also note that external guests will be attending which calls for formal and respectful attitude throughout the event. We encourage all participants to take part in this very special event! You will be informed about the auditions’ procedure closer to the session.

 Dress Code: Formal

Ein Highlight der kulturellen Vielfalt: Musiker, Tänzer, Schauspieler, Komiker, Magier und anderweitig begabte Jugendliche aus rund 35 Ländern Europas teilen ihre vielseitigen Talente mit der Öffentlichkeit. Durch eine Auswahlkommission werden die allerbesten Darbietungen für das Konzert ausgesucht. Somit ist für Diversität und exzellente Unterhaltung gesorgt.


Eintritt frei, Platzvorrang für Teilnehmer der Internationalen Session Laax 2016

Transfer to Chur

Transfer to Chur for the Euroconcert.


The dinner will be taking place in shifts in various locations: Camino / Casa Veglia / Piazza.

Contact the Organising Team for details.

Lobby Event

An event with activities for Delegates, featuring a display of Media Team’s work during the session.

GA Preparation

This part provides the Delegates with the ability to prepare for the culmination – the General Assembly. Delegates will receive information of how the assembly is conducted, what are its parts and what is essential to know.