Behind the CI

Introducing Mr. Arne Schep, the creative mind behind the Corporate Identity of Laax 2016.

Arne is a designer based in Geneva and you can check out his work at www.arneschep.com.

Here’s what he has to say about his love for design:

Two years ago I discovered a passion that brings me happiness and energy every single day.

I believe that visual communication and multimedia conception improves the value of a brand or an event. I’ve worked on several projects where I was close to the brand and where I had to create a whole new brand from scratch, which is a really interesting experience.

This is why I loved working on the EYP logo, once again it proves that developing a brand and creating a feeling around it, gives a guideline through its values.

Later I would love to integrate a team or lead a team that believes that we can do more than just advertise, we could actually bring the core values of the brand to the consumers.

Thank you for all the positive impression on my work!