About the Event

Laax 2016 is one of the European Youth Parliament’s three largest annual events, in which young people from all over Europe gather to discuss current political problems and build friendships across the continent.
The session rests on three principles: Youth engagement, Innovation and Sustainability, effectively meaning that a fresh, lateral and lasting approach is to be taken towards solving today’s problems.


The session program efficiently summarized and explained.

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The session concept: What it means concretely and how the entire event will be organised around it.

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Learn who takes part in the session, what do the Delegates, Chairs Team, Media Team and Organisers do and how do they differ.

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See the cinematographic work of our Media Team - a group of talented people capturing memories that will last with the participants for a long time.

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Why we chose Laax. Where will most of the session be held at and what these wonderful places have to offer.

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