Sunday: Departures

Sunday 16th was the last day of the session and the day, where everybody left Laax and went back home, their minds filled with ideas and inspiration, their hearts filled with love – longing for the session to last forever. And while a group of organisers stayed to clean up everything before leaving for good, Laax was suddenly just an empty village up in the mountains somewhere in Switzerland again. All was unusually quiet and you couldn’t have told that just hours before it was filled with inspiration, friendship and laughter. It felt surreal. But we all knew that we weren’t empty and quiet, that we would carry these memories forever and wouldn’t just stop there. Because it was really love, it was really Laax.

Session’s picture!

Captured by: Klára Scholleová

Session's picture!

Session’s picture is finally here. All participants – Delegates, Chairpersons, Media Team and Organisers are in Laax together.

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Today it was all about Committee Work again. The majority of the day consisted of intense debates but again and a lot of the committees had the opportunity to talk with an expert on their topic either in person or via Skype. It was a great benefit for the delegates to interact with experts in the field and what they learnt in those talks was usually part of the later discussions. Continue reading Tuesday: Commitee Work, expert talks, IOIF & Impact Workshop

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